"What is the difference between WISH LIST and MY SHOPPING CART?
If you are logged in, the Wish List can be accessed during different visits you make to the website to maintain a list of items that you are interested in. Wish List items can also be emailed to friends and family - a good way to share information about your favorite products on our site with others. Items from your Wish List have to be manually added to your Shopping Cart before you can purchase them.

To delete an item from your Wish List, or to move it to Your Shopping Cart, click on the item from the Select column, and then click ‘Delete’ or ‘Move to Cart,’ and continue with your transaction.

Why do the items in my Shopping Cart remain in my Shopping Cart on subsequent visits to the site?
If you are logged in and you have added items to your Shopping Cart, they will remain there over multiple sessions on our website. Items are only emptied from the cart once they are purchased or manually deleted. Also, items from your Shopping Cart can be directly checked out, provided you are registered and logged in to your account.

Why does my Wish List or Shopping Cart not retain my selected titles?
You must be registered and logged in to our site to make purchases and/or to maintain a Wish List.

What is the advantage of registering?
You must be registered to make purchases. As a registered user, your address information is automatically saved during the checkout process. In addition, you are able to have multiple addresses under one user, making checkout easier over time. Being a registered user is also required to maintain your Wish List across multiple visits to the site. Plus, the registration process gives us more information on our customer demographics and helps us to serve you better.

Will Pender's share my information with anyone else?
Pender's believes the information you share with us has been entrusted to us for our use only. We will never betray that trust by sharing your personal information (address, phone number, email, demographic information, ordering habits, etc) with anyone. Occasionally, we will use this information in order to market our products to you, but only with your prior permission.

What about site security?
All transactions that contain sensitive information, like credit card numbers, are encrypted using a 128 bit industry standard public and private key encryption. On browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer this is indicated by a lock graphic at the bottom of the window."