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Alcobaca Suite
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Alcobaca Suite


"Alcobaca Suite" is Kevin Erickson’s third work for solo timpani. This work, scored for five drums, is set in three short movements. The first movement begins with a somber introduction, followed by a lively allegro dominated by sixteenth-note and sixteenth-note-triplet passages. The second movement, "Lament," is much slower and lyrical. The left hand is assigned a heartbeat-like rhythm, while the right hand plays melodic figures, some of which must be pedaled on one drum. For this movement, the performer must be able to execute several polyrhythmic figures between the left and right hands. The opening of the last movement, "Dom Pedro’s Revenge," is marked presto with the quarter note = 190. The performer can easily get twisted up with the meter rapidly shifting from 3 to 5 to 7. After a brief winding down, ideas from the fist and second movements are re-worked. An accelerando leads into the final part of the third movement, which is motivically similar to the opening. The action revs up even further, accelerating to quarter note = 226 and coming to a thunderous close. — Scott Herring Percussive Notes, June 2007

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Catalog: 24994500
Publisher: Innovative Music Systems
Composer: Erickson, Kevin
Voicing: Timp Solo

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