Search Tips

For brevity, Pender's database of music titles usually includes '&' instead of 'and' (Ex: Prelude & Dance), as well as numerals, instead of spelling numbers out (Ex: 3rd Suite). In addition, most punctuation has been stripped out of titles, particularly commas and periods.

Below are some common terms, words and symbols used in titles of print music, with possible alternative choices. Many of the titles in our database have not been 'Americanized,' and are in the system exactly as they appear on the music itself. If your search results are not as you had hoped they would be, scan this list to see if it's possible to alter your search in some way, in order to get a better result.

Term Variation
first 1st
second 2nd
third 3rd
fourth 4th
fifth 5th
sixth 6th
seventh 7th
eighth 8th
ninth 9th
tenth 10th
one 1
two 2
three 3
fourth 4
five 5
six 6
seven 7
eight 8
nine 9
ten 10
1 I
2 II
4 IV
5 V
6 VI
9 IX
10 X
one half 1/2
three quarter 3/4
six eight 6/8
six-eight 6/8
four four 4/4
four-four 4/4
twelve eight 12/8
twelve-eight 12/8
five four 5/4
five-four 5/4
basso continuo bass continuo
percussion batterie
keyboard clavier
keyboard piano
horn cor
bassoon fagot
bassoon fagotte
guitar guitarre
keyboard klavier
organ orgel
synthesizer keyboard
trombone posaune
trumpet trompette
cello violoncello
and &
accappella a cappella
acapella a cappella
acappella a cappella
accapella a cappella
bass clef b.c.
bass clef bc
bass clef b. c.
swan cygne
dance danse
dance danza
difficult dificil
major dur
easy facil
fantasy fantaisie
hunters' hunters
hunter's hunters'
hunters hunter's
little kleine
concerto konzert
missa mass
messe mass
minor minore
minor moll
oh o
opus op.
opus op
orchestra orchestre
organ book orgelbuchlein
little petite
for pour
prelude praeludium
romance romanze
selected samtliche
song chanson
song lied
songs chansons
songs lieder
chaikovsky tchaikovsky
chaykovsky tchaikovsky
chaikovski tchaikovsky
tchaikovski tchaikovsky
through thru
treble clef t.c.
treble clef tc
treble clef t. c.
work werke

If you experience search delays, try narrowing your initial search by shopping by department, then using the search function found within the department.