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Composer PRO TOOLS 9
Voicing/Instrument DVD
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Pro Tools 9 raises the bar for its music creation and audio production program by allowing users the flexibility to work with Avid audio interfaces, third-party audio interfaces, or a new software-only option when using a Mac or PC. Here host Andrew Eisele breaks it all down for the beginner/intermediate user, providing an in-depth overview of the interface. He covers: the Edit and Mix windows; the Transport and the file menus; how to import a variety of files into a Pro Tools session, as well as how to record and edit audio and MIDI. Using several of the onboard virtual instruments including the Boom drum machine, the DB-33 organ emulator, and the Xpand2 multitimbral synth, Andrew builds up a track from scratch, and shows you how to create an efficient workflow within the program. In the mixing segment, viewers learn how to use many of Pro Tool's sound-processing effects and utility plug-ins. Andrew explains compression, equalization, how to insert effects, and many other useful production techniques. Finally, you'll bounce your track to disk so you can create your own CD or upload your music to the web.

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