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Pender's #: 23518700

Composer DANA, MIKE
Voicing/Instrument JAZZ ENSEMBLE
Publisher Item55359
(Grade 2)

Commissioned by Paul Lucchesi for the 2011 San Joaquin Jazz Festival.The chart revolves around the rhythm section grove that starts at the top. The groove continues at A, then breaks into time at A9, back to the grove at A13. The pattern continues at B. Horns (as always!) should pay attention to the articulations.The solo section starts at C. The rhythm section plays sparingly at first&the drummer should play "soloistic time" with the soloist. The whole thing should build through F8, then settle in the opining groove for the recap at G. The soloist returns 4 before H with some sparse fills behind the rhythm section and vocals. Yes, vocals&actually more of a chant. At H, the band should enter softly; after H, these should be very soft, almost a whisper. Trumpet 1 to written G above staff. 5-4-4-4


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