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UNT One O'Clock Lab Band


Pender's #: 23367600

Voicing/Instrument CONCERT BAND
(Grade 5)

Turbo Scramjet is named for an experimental engine developed by NASA. The ramjet, also called a stovepipe jet, or an athodyd, is a form of jet engine using the engine's forward motion to compress incoming air. Ramjets therefore require forward motion through the air to produce thrust. A scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) is a variation of a ramjet distinguished by supersonic combustion. Projections for the top speed of a scramjet engine (without additional oxidizer input) vary between Mach 12 and Mach 24 (orbital velocity). Usable dynamic pressures lie in the range 20 to 200 kPa, where q = pv2, where q is the dynamic pressure of the gas, p (rho) is the density of the gas, and v is the velocity of the gas.

Scramjets are both fast and extremely unpredictable, and the composer incorporated these characteristics into the music. The entire piece is based on the five-note Lydian scale, introduced in the canonic opening. It is filled with driving, relentless rhythm, instability, shifting meters, random syncopated rhythms and more. While the middle section is more subdued, focusing on the calm experienced during a smooth flight, eventually all parts re-emerge and the rhythmic drive returns. After the gradual build to the climax, the momentum relents until the final punch.


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