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Carl Fischer 2013-2014


Pender's #: 23041000

Composer EVANS, GIL
Voicing/Instrument COMBO LG ENS
Publisher ItemJLP-8010
(Grade 4+)

Ballad, 6 Horns & Rhythm

From the famous Birth of the Cool record, this is a brilliant arrangement full of color and orchestral nuance. In fact, it's quite astounding at the layers and depth of sound Gil was able to achieve with just 8 instruments (there's no piano in this arrangement). The harmonies and the rhythms are very sophisticated and impressionistic. A second trumpet part is included as an alternate for the horn part. And, a bass trombone would easily be able to play the tuba part. This piece features a brief baritone sax solo (as played by Gerry Mulligan) that has been written out in full, though chords have been indicated for an ad-lib solo. The last part of the arrangement features arco bass. This classic, Gil Evans' masterpiece arrangement re-defined jazz and popular music arranging and should be a part of every band's library.


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