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Voicing/Instrument DVD
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On this extraordinary DVD, master conductor Sandra Snow outlines a new paradigm for choral teaching and rehearsing within performance-based classes. Through emphasizing how to develop teaching strategies from the podium, Dr. Snow presents a systematic, pragmatic approach to: · Developing diagnostic rehearsal strategies · Capitalizing on teachable moments in rehearsal · Productive score study · Unlocking imagination in teaching · Formulating a personal yet authentic interpretation of a piece · Planning rehearsals based on one’s individual musical interpretation · Increasing keyboard skills for rehearsal · Learning how to listen to one's choir with discriminating ears · Empowering a student’s full musical potential

DVD Contents: The Role of the Conductor/Teacher · An Organic Approach to Musical Understanding · Knowing the Score · Unlocking Imagination in Teaching From Imagination to Inspiration: The Productive Rehearsal · Expertise with a little "e": The Path to an Engaged Classroom + Extras!!

The heart of this DVD features 38 mini-rehearsal segments of Dr. Snow, Jonathan Reed, and colleagues teaching and leading a variety of choirs. Approx. 140 min.


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