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Sight-sing A Song

Sight-sing A Song

Pender's #: 20256900

Arranger Bk/cd
Composer Snyder, Audrey
Voicing/Instrument Teacher
Publisher Hal Leonard
Publisher Item09971136
How can I teach my students to sight-sing when I have them for such a limited class time? Sight-Sing a Song will help you do just that - teach your students to sight-sing with confidence. This well-designed sight-singing approach by master teacher and choral director Audrey Snyder progresses in an easy step-by-step fashion through a variety of exercises that culminates with a special song students will be able to sight-sing! Each lesson includes helpful Teacher Tips that focus on the music concepts being presented, a suggested teaching sequence to use when presenting each exercise, keys to sight-singing success, options for enrichment and motivation, and two student reproducible pages filled with sight-reading exercises. Exercises and songs are presented in the keys of C major and F major, so students will also experience moveable Do. After students have perfected each exercise a cappella on their own, they can enhance the learning process further by performing with the rhythm accompaniment tracks on the enclosed CD. Performance/ accompaniment tracks for the songs are also included. Time is short. Let's start sight-singing! Available: Book/CD Pak. Suggested for grades 2-6.

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