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The Jazz Deck
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The Jazz Deck


JazzDeck will help students master chord changes faster and with more clarity than traditional music theory books. By breaking down the complex and overwhelming lexicon of jazz into tangible tidbits of musical information, this jazz method book helps students take a systematic and hands-on approach to learning improvised music.

Learning music theory in an ensemble setting can require a significant investment of class time. Many directors forgo teaching improvisation in favor of working on concert pieces. JazzDeck will enable their students to interpret chord changes for themselves with their instruments in their hands.

The multi-dimensional presentation of basic notes necessary to sound good over a given chord, followed by notes to sound great, is suitable for players of all levels. Those who always wanted to learn how to play jazz but were intimidated by the chord changes will succeed with JazzDeck.

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Catalog: 24998400
Publisher: NorCal Jazz
Composer: Brian Switzer
Voicing: Cards

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