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About Our Gift Card

Pender’s Music Co. Gift Cards are great for any of the musicians and/or music educators in your life. They’re good for special occasions, birthdays, or just to say thank you, and are available for purchase at any of our locations, as well as online at www.penders.com.

Gift Card

How do I check my balance?

You can check the balance of a gift card on the My Card page. Type in the card number and click 'Get Balance.' This will show the current balance on the card.


For what dollar amount can I purchase a gift card?

Pender’s Music Co. gift cards are available in the following convenient amounts: $25.00 / $50.00 / $75.00 / $100.00.


When does my card expire?

Pender’s Music Co. Gift Cards do not expire.


Are there any fees or charges for keeping a balance on my card?

No, there are no service fees charged to purchase or hold a balance on any of our cards. Making a purchase with a Gift Card can accrue Loyalty card points, provided that you have a separate/registered Loyalty card on file with us. The Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty program provides rewards for our frequent customers with a simple to use card. By presenting a Loyalty card each time you make a purchase, you are on your way to earning great benefits from us. Cards are Free and available for pickup at any of our three locations. You may also request one online at checkout. See About Loyalty Card for even more information.


Can I earn Loyalty points through the purchase of a Gift Card?

Yes and No: If you are NOT a Loyalty card member, and you purchase a Gift Card, the purchase price of that Gift Card is not eligible to accrue Loyalty points. However, if you are already a Loyalty card holder, and you purchase a Gift Card, you can and will accrue points, as assigned to you through the membership number on the back of your Loyalty card (not the Gift Card).

Additionally, if a recipient of a Gift Card either already has a Loyalty card; or requests one and REGISTERS it prior to using a Gift Card –- they can make purchases with the Gift card, which will accrue points on their new or additional Loyalty card.