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About Our Loyalty Program

Becoming a member of our Loyalty program is easy. You can pick up a loyalty card the next time you are in one of our stores (Denton | Carrollton/Dallas | Oklahoma City). Or, you can email us at; you may also request one while making a purchase online. Type in your request for a card in the COMMENTS section of the online Checkout process. If you request a card through or as part of a purchase online, a membership card will be sent to you via mail within about a week of receiving your request. Once you receive your card, please REGISTER it on the My Card page. Only registration online activates your card for our points program.

Loyalty Card Registration FAQs

What if I don’t have an email address?

If you do not have one, you will need to get one. A valid email address is required for registration.

May I use the Loyalty points earned on the original purchase?

No, Loyalty points can only be used on future purchases.

May I redeem points for previous purchases (prior to sign up)?

No, only purchases made after signing up for the Loyalty Card program qualify to earn points.

Loyalty Card FAQs

Who is eligible to receive/use a Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty card?

All individuals are encouraged to pick up a Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty card, and to register for our program. All purchases made and paid in-store at time of purchase with debit/credit card, check or cash are eligible to receive Loyalty points. Online purchases made and paid with a credit card are also eligible to accrue Loyalty points, provided that the Loyalty card number is associated with an online Account ID, and/or it has been entered in at checkout.

NOTE: Purchases made on a Studio, Institutional, or Organizational 30-day in-store account are not eligible for Loyalty points unless paid at the time of purchase. If you have an in-store account with us, and want to join our Loyalty program, you may add a credit card or P-card to your account to begin receiving points while still maintaining your school or church account.


Are there any fees associated with the Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty Program?

No, Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty cards are free, and there is no membership fee.


Where do I get a Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty Card?

You can get a Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty Card at any of our three locations (Denton, Dallas/Carrollton, Oklahoma City). You may also request one via email or at Checkout online (see above for more info).


What are Loyalty points?

One dollar spent by you (pre-tax) equals one point. For every 100 points you earn, a $10.00 reward will be added to your Loyalty card the following day. Points are rounded based on spending. Example: A purchase of $9.51 will round to 9 points. These points will be added to your Pender’s Music Co. Loyalty Card at time of payment by providing your physical card in-store, or by entering your Loyalty card number at checkout online. The card resets itself at each 100 points as your card receives the $10 reward. The card resets itself at each 100 points as your card receives the $10 reward.


Do I have to register my card?

Yes, to redeem any rewards you will have to register your card. Unregistered cards can continue to collect Loyalty points, but the points will not convert into a redeemable reward(s). Register your card on the My Card page.


Can I earn Loyalty points and redeem them on the same visit?

There is a minimum 24-hour processing time-frame that is required to convert points into a redeemable reward, when applicable.


Is everything I purchase eligible for Loyalty card points?

Once you have registered your card, you may begin to accrue points on your future purchases. From time to time, heavily discounted items may not be eligible for Loyalty card points, but you will be informed of this prior to purchase. Loyalty points may not be earned on previously discounted purchases or bids.


If I forget my Loyalty card, can my points for that visit be added in at a later date?

Yes, if you have retained your receipt, you may bring it with you when you visit Pender’s Music Co. next and a customer service associate can add your points to your Loyalty card.


How do I redeem my rewards?

In person, present your Loyalty card at checkout, and it will be swiped as a form of payment during the purchase process. If your purchase is made online, enter your Loyalty card # in the Gift Card # section (at Pay by Credit and/or Gift Card) to redeem the Loyalty points that have converted to Gift Card dollars.


How do I find out if I have points and rewards on my card?

Go to the My Card balance page. Type in your card number and click the 'Get Balance' button. This will show you your current totals for points and rewards. Once you have registered your card online, you will be able to view your current point totals. Remember that this will always be less than 100, because each time you reach 100 points you earn a $10 credit. All $10 credits are also displayed. These will always be in increments of $10. You can redeem these points at any time when you visit us -- in person, just present your card to us at Checkout; online, enter your card # in the Gift Card # section (at Pay by Credit and/or Gift Card).


Do I have to use my points once I have earned them?

No, you do not. You can save your earned rewards, but if your card is inactive for one year, your credits may be voided.


Do I just tell a customer service associate not to use my points when paying?

Yes, simply let them know when you would like to use them.

*The Pender's Music Co. Loyalty card program is subject to change or end at any time without notice.