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Voicing/Instrument SSAATTBB A CAPPELLA
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Russian composer Valery Gavrilin (b. 1939, Volodga; d. 1999, St. Petersburg) completed his thirteen movement composition Chimes in 1982 & subtitled it"Upon Reading V. Shukshyn Miracle Play--Choral Symphony." Scored for mixed chorus, narrator, percussion & solo oboe, this large choral fresco is deeply rooted in Russian folklore. Ti-Ri-Ri, the wordless movement #5, isa colorful & theatrical scene. One can almost see young men & women gathering (for a dance, perhaps), and as the voices enter one by one, the listener hears adifferent character from each vocal part.

The basses enter jauntily with a simple & sturdy melody "Tudy-syudy, syudy, otsyudy" which is repeated throughout the piece. Next, the tenors enter as they woo the girls' attention with their lyrical & suave vocal lines. the sopranos' reply with gently moving silver-bell cluster chords, indicating both excitement & a bit of an attitude. The altos, obviously resentful due to the lack of attention, chime in with a gossip-like line that spreads like fire & stirs the peaceful scene, eventually climqaxing toa big commotion, turmoil, & drama. But all is well & peaceful in the end as the basses respond to the commotion singing "Tuda-syuda, syuda, otsyuda" as if nothing has happened.


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