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Voicing/Instrument GAME W/CD
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(Grades 3-8) Whole-Group Games and Activities For the Music Classroom From Cheryl Lavender's popular Bingo series, here is a game designed to help students hear, read, perform and identify solfege melody patterns. By playing Solfege BINGO, your students will develop ear training and sight-reading skills - essential for music literacy and overall musicianship.

Includes beginning to intermediate note-reading through 2 levels of play: Level A includes melody patterns based on the C pentatonic scale, and Level B uses the C major scale. The professionally-produced CD recording includes 8 different sound sequences ranging from easy to challenging, so you can play the game again and again!

Solfege Bingo also includes a variety of accompanying activities: So-Mi Echo Me, Sign and Sign, Listen with Your Eyes, Question and Answer, Together Tunes, Pre- Assessment and Authentic Assessment. The Game/CD Pak comes complete with 30 player cards, a helpful Educator's Guide, Cutout Caller Cards, a Kodály Hand Sign poster and CD recording.


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