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Carl Fischer 2013-2014



Pender's #: 18740900

Composer PHELPS, JON
Voicing/Instrument JAZZ ENSEMBLE
Publisher Item60039
(Grade 2)


This accessible original utilizes a variety of rhythmic figures commonly used in rock and funk charts. Designed to make developing groups sound their best, it derives its title from the "back and forth" feeling in the rhythm section parts. Although loaded with great learning material, the piece is simply fun to play and will leave bands and audiences whistling the melody. The piano and bass parts are fully notated with chord symbols provided. The solo section features written or ad lib solos for any player using the solo sheets provided. This tune features Kendor Konvertible instrumentation -- meaning that it can be played by as few as 9 players. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set.

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