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Muzundrum is a crossword-style game of music theory developed by composer J.S. Kingfisher. Players interlace 12-sided musical dice to form scalesand triads on a giant honeycomb, forming unique tonal weaves... it's great for beginners, challenging for pros, and always mind-bending fun!

In Muzundrum, players (or teams) intertwine triads with scales, rather like a musical crossword puzzle (albeit a three way one). Triads are built vertically; scales are built diagonally. Points are earned as players add to or complete triads and scales; double and triple scores are earned when dice are played in the "honeypot" cells. The game is over when all of the dice are played. The player or team with the most points wins.

A basic working knowledge of key centers, major scales, and triad construction is needed to play Muzundrum--all stuff taught in first-year Music Theory classes and by most private music instructors. In addition to being a heap o' fun, Muzundrum is quite educational: it's a great way to become fluent in all 12 keys.


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