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Voicing/Instrument GAME
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(Ages 6 & Up, 1 to 9 Players) Want to use Crazy 8ths in your classroom? The Crazy 8ths Teacher's Kit gives you the extra cards you need. Each Teacher's Kit contains One complete Crazy 8ths game along with 4 additional decks of cards. Your classroom can be divided into 5 groups, each playing different games at different abilities. This kit was designed to help educators on a tight budget. Covering 2 octaves of notes centered at Middle C, original Crazy 8ths is perfectfor both students of piano & harp, or for use in your music classroom. Each deck contains 56 musical cards covering 2 octaves of notes, in both bass and treble clefs, as well as special action cards. Divided into 3 colored suits of 18 cards, the deck is made up of: 15 Note Cards · 1 Repeat Sign Card · 1 Rest Card · 1 Triplet Card · 1 Cheat Sheet Card · 1 Musical Chair Card Also Includes is an illustrated 28-page booklet of rules explaining 10 different games that cover a range of difficulty.

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