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Finale 2014 Crossgrade Upgrade

Pender's #: 24365000

Arranger Crossgrade Upgrade
Composer Finale
Publisher Alfred Publishi
Publisher Item13-FHT14E
Own Sibelius or another music notation product? Now you can own Finale too, for the price of an upgrade. Finale is the world standard. Beyond its unique ability to realize any music you can imagine, today’s Finale is also easy to use and offers many exclusive features, including SmartMusic support, free tech support, and more.

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PRO TOOLS MBOX 2 - MINI Voicing: SOFTWARE  $329.00 
Finale 2014 Site License Voicing: Software  $135.00 
Garritan Concert and Marching Band® 2 Voicing:  $169.95 

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